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If condition Then statements [Else elsestatements]

If condition Then


[ElseIf condition-n Then




End If


If...Then...Else is used to conditionally execute a group of statements. The required component, condition, can be any expression that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE. If used inline with no else clause, the statements component is required, otherwise, the statements component is optional. If condition evaluates to TRUE or non-zero, any existing statements are executed, if condition evaluates to FALSE or zero, execution branches to the next existing ElseIf clause to evaluate condition-n,or to the Else clause if it is included.

To execute multiple statements inline, the statements must be separated by a colon (:). If an inline statement consists of a lone procedure call with no arguments, the procedure must be called with empty parenthesis.


// If...Then...Else Example
/* If...Then...Else performs conditional execution */

var Who;
if (true) { NSB.Print("TRUE"); } else { NSB.Print("FALSE"); }
if (Who == "Al") {
   NSB.Print("Big Al");
}else if (Who == "Alien") {
   NSB.Print("Alien Probe");

Rem If...Then...Else Example
'If...Then...Else performs conditional execution
Dim Who
If TRUE Then Print "TRUE" Else Print "FALSE"
If Who = "Al" Then
       Print "Big Al"
ElseIf Who = "Alien" Then
       Print "Alien Probe"
End If



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