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* 1. Getting Started
* 1. Getting Started
* 2. Features
* 2. Features
** Device Features
** Saving Data
** Sounds and Images
** Splash
* 3. Controls  
* 3. Controls  
** Bootstrap
** Bootstrap
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** jQuery Mobile
** jQuery Mobile
** Multimedia
** Multimedia
* 4. Controls - jqWidgets
* 6. Tutorials and Labs
* 6. Tutorials and Labs
** Lab Solutions
** Labs
** Tutorials
* 7. Web Services
* 7. Web Services
* 8. Libraries
* 8. Libraries

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NSB/AppStudio is a powerful, complete development environment for creating web apps which run on iOS, Android, the desktop and other platforms. A drag and drop design screen lets you design your app using the latest frameworks. Programming can be done in JavaScript or BASIC.



If you are having a problem with NSB/AppStudio or your App, there are several ways to get help.


Under the File menu in AppStudio, you'll find lots of sample code, organized as follows:

  • 1. Getting Started
  • 2. Features
    • Device Features
    • Saving Data
    • Sounds and Images
    • Splash
  • 3. Controls
    • Bootstrap
    • Common
    • Date and Time
    • Finance and Social Media
    • jQuery Mobile
    • Multimedia
  • 6. Tutorials and Labs
    • Lab Solutions
    • Labs
    • Tutorials
  • 7. Web Services
  • 8. Libraries

Search for Answers

  • Search this wiki. We've got nearly all of our documentation online, and this is a great place to start.
  • Search the blog. Some articles from the blog haven't made it into the wiki yet, and you may find answers there as well.
  • Search our mailing list. Our mailing list has been active since NSB/AppStudio 1.0, and many issues have been answered there.

Contact Us

  • Post to our web board. This is the suggested way to ask a question as not only our support staff, but also the community can help to answer your question.
  • E-mail support. If you'd rather keep your question private, you can e-mail support, although we may not respond as quickly as we would to mailing list posts.

Making a Support Request

Please remember that the more information you provide to us, the easier it is for us to help solve your problem. Here's a great (if long) article on how to ask smart questions. At a bare minimum, please provide:

  • A clear description of the problem, including directions on how to reproduce it.
  • A clear description of you're trying to accomplish.
  • An example of what you've tried that's currently not working.
  • If possible, a link to a deployed App that exhibits the problem - simplified if possible. It is very difficult to find a small problem in a large, complicated App.

Finally, if none of these support options fit your needs, we provide paid support as well.

BASIC Language

One of the most popular programming languages of all time, BASIC is easy to learn. AppStudio's BASIC is based on VBScript, with extensions for web apps.

JavaScript Language

JavaScript is the standard language of the Web. AppStudio allows the use full standard JavaScript in its apps.


Frameworks provide the controls (also called widgets) that the user interacts with. AppStudio makes it easy to use them in your app. Beginning with AppStudio Version 3, you can use widgets from multiple frameworks in your app.

Other Resources