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The Camera control lets you take pictures using your device's camera and display them in a PictureBox. The contents of that PictureBox can be saved in a database or sent to a server. All the settings needed to take a picture can be set at design time in AppStudio: no additional code needs to be written.

The default icon is a camera icon. You can change this to a different icon or text.

The control requires iOS7.1 or later. For Android web apps, use Chrome 31 or greater. If you are using VoltBuilder, use the cordova-plugin-camera plugin.

When saving to an SQL data base via a PHP script, the data can be corrupted. If you encodeURIComponent the Base64 string it is saved ok. As follows:

 postData = postData & "&imgBase64=" & encodeURIComponent(PictureBox1.toDataURL())

Properties and Methods

Standard properties are supported, plus:

icon Icon to show from the Font Awesome set. Default is 'camera'. Examples: trash, check. Design Time.
picturebox The ID of the PictureBox control on the form to put the picture into. Design time.
picturebox.toDataURL() The picture, in Base64 format, in .png. Runtime.
value The title of the button. Design time or runtime.


Events are handled by the control itself.


No code needed - it just works!


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