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Exit Do

Exit For

Exit Function

Exit Sub


Exit terminates the execution of a block of code in a Do...Loop, For...Next, For Each...Next, Function, or Sub. When used to exit a loop, either Do...Loop, For...Next, or For Each...Next, execution continues with the first statement after the loop; if the loop is nested inside another loop, control is transferred to the loop outside the loop where the Exit is encountered. When used to exit a Function or Sub procedure, execution continues with the first statement after the statement which called the procedure.


// Exit Example
/* Break terminates loops */
/* Return terminates functions */

var i;
for(i = 1; i <= 10; ++i) {
  if(i > 1) {
  NSB.Print("Attempting to do nothing");
NSB.Print(("Done") + "<br>");
function DoNothing() {
  NSB.Print("This statement is never executed");

Rem Exit Example
'Exit terminates loops and procedures
Dim i
For i = 1 to 10
  If i > 1 Then
    Exit For
  End If
  Print "Attempting to do nothing"
Print "Done"
Sub DoNothing
  Exit Sub
  Print "This statement is never executed"
End Sub


Atempting to do nothing

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