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Format(string, replace0[,replace1...]) Format(string, {replace object})


Replaces {n} placeholders with arguments. One or more arguments can be passed, in addition to the string itself, to insert into the string. Arguments can be three different style:

  1. {} Empty brackets. Placeholders are replaced with arguments in the same order as they appear in the function call.
  2. {1] Brackets with a number. Placeholders are replaced by the argument number as it appears in the function call.
  3. {name} Brackets with a name. Placeholders are replaced by the value of the name in the argument object.


guy = {first: "Eric", last: "Cartman"};

NSB.Print("hello {} and {}".format("you", "bob"));
NSB.Print("hello {0} and {1}".format("you", "bob"));
NSB.Print("hello {first} {last}".format(guy));
NSB.Print("hello {0} and {1} and {a}".format("you", "bob", {a:"mary"}));
NSB.Print("hello {0} and {1} and {a} and {2}".format("you", "bob", "jill", {a:"mary"}));

guy = {first: "Eric", last: "Cartman"}

Print Format("hello {} and {}", "you", "bob")
Print Format("hello {0} And {1}", "you", "bob")
Print Format("hello {first} {last}",guy)
Print Format("hello {0} and {1} and {a}", "you", "bob", {a:"mary"})
Print Format("hello {0} and {1} and {a} and {2}", "you", "bob", "jill", {a:"mary"})


hello you and bob
hello you and bob
hello Eric Cartman
hello you and bob and mary
hello you and bob and mary and jill