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Kesbath is the nickname of King Edward's School, in Bath, England. Founded in 1552, it is one of the oldest schools in England. It has close to 1000 students from ages 3 to 18.

Computer Science is an important part of the curriculum. All students start by learning Scratch when they are 12/13. Many of them choose to continue, where they learn HTML coding, AppStudio and Visual BASIC.

This course is taught to students once they have the basics. Kesbath sees playing games and deploying to websites / tablets / mobile phones through one 'Basic' language which overlaps with knowledge of as why AppStudio is key. Games, even primitive ones, seem to make pupils more enthusiastic.

Here are the sections of the course:

Making Computer Games

  1. Press Me!
  2. Mini Maths Calc
  3. Higher Lower
  4. Quiz
  5. (Two to) Five Cards
  6. Snakes and Ladders
  7. Pictureboard
  8. Moving Target
  9. (under development)
  10. [Shop]

Thanks to Kesbath for sharing this - feel free to use it for your own courses!