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The Label control is used to display text and headings. The text cannot be modified.

While a variety of different events are available, the usual response to clicking a Label is to call the function <buttonID>_onclick().

To add a Label to your app, choose the Label icon in the Toolbar, then position it on the Design Screen. Use the Property Editor to set the properties you need.


Standard properties are supported, plus:

align The horizontal alignment of the text: top, right, or center.
alignVertical The vertical alignment of the text: top, center, or bottom. Do not use for multi line labels. Do not use a percentage based height.
Caption The caption of the label. Same as textContent. Runtime only.
innerHTML The text of the title in HTML format. Runtime only.
text The text of the title. Same as textContent. Runtime only.
textContent The text of the title. HTML OK at Design Time.

Change the color of a label = "red"


Standard events are supported. However, events are not usually associated with the control.