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This function is for BASIC compatibility. It is not available in pure JavaScript projects.

Left(string, length)


Left returns a string containing a specified number of characters from the left end of a string. The required parameter, string, is any valid string expression. The required parameter, length, is any valid numeric expression. If length is 0, an empty string ("") is returned. If length is greater than the size of string, the entire string is returned.

Example (Basic)

Rem Left Example
'Left returns substring from string left end
Dim Wendy, Eric
Wendy = "Testaburger"
Eric = "Cartman"
Print "The Left 4 of " & Wendy & ": " _
  & Left(Wendy, 4)
Print "The Left 4 of " & Eric & ": " _
  & Left(Eric, 4)


The Left 4 of Testaburger: Test
The Left 4 of Cartman: Cart

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