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The PopUp control is used to display a popup or text centered over the PopUp button. There are two styles: a PopUp Picker, which brings up a list of choices, and PopUp Text, which simply displays a message.

When using AppStudio 4 with jQuery Mobile 1.4 on old Android devices (Android OS 2.x), the built in icons will not appear. To fix this, add the following to the manifest property of your project. If your button uses theme 'b', change 'white' to 'black'.



Standard properties are supported, plus:

dataTheme Theme for PopUp: a-z. a is normal, b is black and others custom.
dataTransition How should the popup be animated? Choices are none, pop, fade, flip, turn, flow, slide, slide fade, slide up, slide down.
icon Icon to show - choose from 50.
iconPos Position of icon. Can be none, left, right, top, bottom, notext.
items Comma separated list of PopupMenu items. Leave blank for simple popup.
message The message which appears when the mouse is over the icon. Could be something like "Learn more". Does not do anything on touchscreen devices.
popup For a PopUp Picker, the heading of the PopUp. For PopUp Text, the text of the PopUp.
tipWidth The width of the tip. Can be in pixels (100px) or a percent of screen width (50%).


Standard events are supported. However, events are not usually associated with the control.


To respond to a user selecting an item in a PopUp Picker, do the following:

 Function PopUp1_onclick(m)
  If typeof(m)="object" Then Exit Function
  MsgBox m
End Function