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Version 6.0.0

Version 6 has not been released. Here's a list of changes in Version 6. All items are subject to change.

If you own a previous version of AppStudio, you need to buy the upgrade to use Version 6. You can do this from within the app or from our order form.

Until you have bought the upgrade, you can use AppStudio 6 in Demo mode. Once you buy, your copy will convert automatically to the full version.

Version 6.0.0

Major New Features

  1. Bootstrap framework added
  2. Support for Google Drive API
  3. Nested controls
  4. Support for Stripe Payments.

IDE - General

  1. Mac: AppStudio can now be read and executed by any user.
  2. Save now preserves entire environment, not just the app itself.
  3. View Menu: checkmarks are now updated properly.

Code Window

  1. Code version bumped to 6. Projects will take longer to compile first time they are run.
  2. Statements with the word 'Declare' in them are translated properly.
  3. JavaScript: Property Window Event does not create new event handler if one exists.
  4. JavaScript: Shows all functions in the Functions window.
  5. Obsolete properties are being cleaned out of .nsx files in new code version. Keep a backup!

Design Screen

  1. Copying a container now renames the children to unique names.
  2. Rotate screen refreshes properly.


  1. All controls have new icons.
  2. AppStudio controls have purple icons.
  3. Attribute property is now an edit window.
  4. Controls which act as Containers now have an addChild() function.
  5. Label control: Proper cursor now appears when hovering over control.
  6. New Header control. Simple, lightweight form header.
  7. New Stripe control. Accept Stripe payments in your app.
  8. Property Files added. Recurring properties now easier to create and are more consistant.
  9. Property Files: Fonts, borders, colors and more are in property files.
  10. Property Files: Parts of Page.js moved into property files (Chrome, PhoneGap)


  1. Properties: enableAppScroll: needs to be true for jQM Swipe.
  2. Properties: enableBrowserArrows now defaults to false.
  3. Properties: Fastclick defaults to false. Most browsers don't need it anymore.
  4. Properties: New contentSecurityPolicy property.
  5. Properties: New newVersionWarning property: If false, new version of your app simply loads in browser.
  6. StopOnError policy works properly at runtime.


  1. New Form: Form type added for Responsive Forms. Forces relative positioning.
  2. OpenMode property behaves properly at runtime.


  1. hfunc.js no longer uses eval() function.
  2. NSB.Print window closes more easily: tap anywhere on it.


  1. Many changes to runtime code organization to make code more readable and easier to debug.
  2. All script tags are now in head.
  3. BuildStatus: Now defaults to same download location as previous time.
  4. Chrome icons work when ChromeSpashscreen is true.
  5. ChromeManifest.json simplified with just icon 192x192.
  6. Deploy to nsbapp now uses https.
  7. External scripts remain as external scripts: they do not get included in main app.
  8. If obfuscation fails due to syntax errors, AppStudio recovers gracefully.
  9. JavaScript code modules are no longer merged in index.html, to make debugging easier.
  10. Open app after local deploy fixed.
  11. Remove iOS startup image code - no longer supported in iOS.
  12. Unicode in deploy path should work now.
  13. User code is now deployed to its own module called code.js, loaded by index.html.


  1. 'No content-security-policy' warning fixed.
  2. New properties added to control StatusBar at runtime.
  3. BuildStatus: Now displays QR Code to download directly to Android device.
  4. Names of icons and splashscreens normalized with PhoneGap docs.
  5. Patch to get rid of period PG puts at start of download filename.
  6. PhoneGapBarcode sample needs PhoneGap version set to cli-6.1.0
  7. Samples updated to latest PhoneGap specs.
  8. Support for more screen sizes/densities added.
  9. Update whitelist on all samples.
  10. Zeppelin supported for generating icons and splashscreens.

Bootstrap Framework

  1. Bootstrap is a modern, responsive framework. See Introduction to Bootstrap.
  2. All Bootstrap icons are green.
  3. 24 new controls!

jQuery Mobile Framework

  1. All jQM icons are now orange
  2. For jQM swipe to work, enableAppScroll in Project Properties must be true.
  3. List: inconsistency in naming of value fixed. Always a string now.
  4. Select: Add country picker.

jqWidgets Framework

  1. All controls: Added WindowsPhone theme.
  2. jqWidgets icons are blue.
  3. jqwPasswordInput: Add missing icon.
  4. jqxComboBox: Add onselect event.
  5. jqxComboBox: Add some missing files to manifest.
  6. jqxDragDrop: fix disabled property.
  7. jqxListBox: add filterable and filterPlaceHolder properties.
  8. jqxScheduler: New control added.


  1. BarCode: URLs updated.
  2. Compass sample fixed on Android.
  3. New GetUserMediaCamera sample.
  4. New GoogleSpreadsheet sample.
  5. New HeaderBodyFooter sample.
  6. New PhoneGapUDP sample.
  7. New SelectCountry sample. Uses jQM Select control.
  8. New Stripe sample: Accept Stripe payments.
  9. Samples no longer reference jQM Theme 'c'.
  10. ServerStorage: improve checking to see if implemented.
  11. Signature sample fixed on Edge.



  1. All NS BASIC websites now support https:
  2. App and License folders reorganized.
  3. Code signing certificate updated.
  4. Copyright changed to 2016.
  5. DropDMG (used to Build Mac Installer) updated to 3.3.
  6. iScroll updated to 5.2.
  7. Wx updated to 3.0.