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VoltServer is a cloud service which provides additional functionality for AppStudio. It's designed as a platform, so new features can be added.

Features include:

  • App Hosting: Upload your apps to VoltServer and they can be accessed by users anywhere in the world. Permanent hosting is available.
  • Custom Domains: Use custom domains you own for your apps, or use domains assigned by VoltServer.
  • App Management: Display and configure your apps on VoltServer using your Dashboard.
  • User Management: Allow your users to sign into your app with usernames and passwords.

AppStudio Demo Users

If you're using the AppStudio Demo, you need to create an account to use VoltServer. When you deploy, your app will be placed on VoltServer, and you will be given a link to access it. It will remain on the server for an hour.

Once you sign up for AppStudio, you can create a VoltServer account and use all the services.

AppStudio Registered Users

We encourage you to get a free VoltServer account because it will help you manage your apps.

If you do not want to use any of the additional features (such as Users, Email, etc.) don't worry about them. There is no need to know more at this point.

Managing Your Own Account

If you don't have an account, you will still be able to deploy apps. They will be available for about an hour. If you want to apps to remain longer or use VoltServer features, you will need to sign up.

To sign up, go into the VoltServer tab in AppStudio Preferences and click on "Sign up for VoltServer". Follow the instructions and a free VoltServer account will be set up for you. Once this is done, enter the email and password for your account into AppStudio's VoltServer Preferences tab.

Using VoltServer from AppStudio

There are several places which AppStudio interacts with VoltServer.

The Run Menu

  • Deploy to VoltServer: This uploads your app to VoltServer. If you have an account, it should be entered into Preferences. If you do not, the app will only remain on the server for an hour.
  • Manage your VoltServer App: This opens the VoltServer Dashboard to your currently loaded app and lets you customize its features.
  • Sign In/Sign Up to VoltServer: This opens the VoltServer Dashboard and lets you sign in to manage your apps. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one here.

VoltServer Preferences

In Preferences. Use this panel to enter your VoltServer email and password. This will let AppStudio sign you on directly when you deploy.

The Dashboard - Your Apps

The Dashboard is an app for managing your VoltServer apps. You can get to it by going to https://dashboard.voltcloud.io/. Here's the main screen:

  • Open will run the App
  • Clicking on one of the items will open the App Details

The Dashboard - App Information

  • On that same page, there are actions you can perform on your app:

  • Delete removes your app from VoltServer.
  • Users let your view and remove users of that app.

The Dashboard - Users

Managing your App's User Accounts

VoltServer lets you manage a list of users who are allowed to access your app. It handles signing up, signing in, signing out and all the other functions which are needed (email confirmations, forgot passwords, etc...).

When you sign up for a VoltServer account, you're using the same mechanism. You will find samples in BASIC and JavaScript in the AppStudio Samples, in a new folder called VoltServer. You're welcome to adapt these samples into your own apps.


Samples for using VoltServer features in AppStudio are included with the normal AppStudio samples, under "4 VoltServer". To use these samples, deploy them to VoltServer. They will not work in your local browser.