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The AdSense control is used to display an advertising message from Google’s AdSense service. If the user clicks on the ad, it will leave your app and go to the advertiser’s page. Depending on AdSense’s inventory, you may get paid for the click.

To use this, first sign up with Adsense. Once you have an account, create a Content Ad (not Mobile content). Then fill the customer and slot into the control's properties. Note that if the customer clicks on an ad, your program will end and the customer will be taken to the ad's website. Make sure you keep your current state saved so you can restart.

You must also add the following link to 'extra headers' in Project Properties.

  <script async src="//"></script>

Ads will only appear if you are running from a server that is registered to your AdSense account. VoltServer can be used as a site. Be sure to read Google’s terms and conditions to use this service. To see a working AppStudio app using AdSense, go to Click on the link - we get some money when you do!


Client Supplied by AdSense. Fill your client number in here.
format The format of the ad. Sizes are "320x50","320x100","200x200","200x250","300x250".
height This is defined by the format of the ad.
slot Supplied by AdSense. Fill the slotname in here.


(no code needed)


(ad appears)

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