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This control is part of iWebKit, which has been deprecated.

The ButtonBar is used to display a bar with 2 to 3 buttons. It can either be position at the top of the form, or further down. These are usually used for apps with multiple forms to switch between. Each form will have a buttonbar control on it, with a different button highlighted.

The only event that is returned is <control_id>_onbuttonclick(item).

To add a button to your app, choose the ButtonBar icon in the Toolbar, then position it on the Design Screen. Use the Property Editor to set the properties you need, then add an _onbuttonclick(item) function to your code

Properties and Methods

Standard properties are supported, plus:

ButtonNames The names of the buttons, separated by commas. Must be either 2 or 3 names.
DefaultButton Number. The number of the button that is highlighted. Can be 0,1, 2 or 3.
TopBar True/False: Is the button at the top of the screen?


_onbuttonclick(item) Called when a button is clicked. Item contains the name of the button which was clicked.


//ButtonBar Example

ButtonBar1.onbuttonclick = function(item) {
  alert("Button pressed reads " + item);

Rem ButtonBar Example

Function ButtonBar1_onbuttonclick(item)
  Msgbox "Button pressed reads " & item
End Function


(A MsgBox showing “Left” if that button is clicked)

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