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ChangeForm(newForm[, hideEffect[, showEffect[, speed]]])


ChangeForm hides the current form and shows newForm. When the current form is hidden, its onhide() function is called. When the new form shows, its onshow() function is called. The global variable NSBCurrentForm is set to newForm.

newForm is the variable referencing the form.

hideEffect is the effect to use to hide the old form. It can be 'hide' (no effect), 'fade' or 'slide'.

showEffect is the effect to use to show the new form. It can be 'show' (no effect), 'fade' or 'slide'. If showEffect is not specified, it will be the same as hideEffect.

speed is the time to perform the effect. It can be 'slow', 'fast' or number of milliseconds. If it is not supplied, it will take 400 milliseconds, just less than half a second.


//ChangeForm sample call

  // or...
ChangeForm(Form1, "slide", "slide", 1000);

Form1.onhide = function() {
  alert("Old Form Hidden");

Form2.onshow = function() {
  alert("Show form " +;

Rem ChangeForm sample call

ChangeForm(Form2, "slide", "slide", 1000)        

Function Form1_onhide()
  console.log("Old Form Hidden")
End Function

Function Form2_onshow()
  console.log("Show form " &
End Function

Use a variable to change forms:

  ChangeForm(window["Form" & i])


(msgbox showing "Old Form Hidden")

(msgbox showing "Show form Form2")

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