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An autocomplete box appears if needed.
Right click to see these options.
Click to go directly to a function.

The Code Window is used the edit the code in your program.

  • You can put all your code in a single block, or have a separate code block for each form as well as a global section. At runtime, they are treated as a single block, so be careful not to redefine functions or variables.



  • In BASIC, statements can be made longer than one line by using a space and a “_” character at the end of a line.
  • Syntax checking is done as each BASIC line is completed. If there is a syntax error, the line gets a red underline. If you hover over it, you can see the full error message.
  • Cut, Paste, Delete and other similar functions can be used from the Menu, the Toolbar or the keyboard.
  • Line numbers may be up to 99999.
  • Format Code cleans up the formatting of BASIC code, normalizing all the indents.

Moving Around

  • The dropdown bar at the top of the screen can be used to go directly to a Sub, Function or line number.
  • Code Folding makes it easier to look at just the code you are interested in. Click on the minus sign to the left of a code block to collapse it.
  • To go directly to a function in your program, select the name of the function elsewhere in your code, right click and select "Go to function definition."
  • If you have gone directly to a function, the 'Return' option will take you back.


  • If you are working in a language other than JavaScript, you may view the translation of the code. Do a right click and select "View JavaScript". You can do this for the whole module or just a selection.

Style Checking

  • If you're using JavaScript, the option "Check Syntax using Eslint" will appear. The module will be checked for proper style using eslint. The AirBNB Style Guide is used. A dialog box listing any errors or warnings will be displayed. You can also click on the Eslint icon in the tab bar.

Inserting Code

  • To insert code from an external file, drag and drop the file from the Finder into the Code Window.
  • The code will be inserted into your app at the current position, just as if you had typed it in.
  • You can insert code from .txt, .cod, .bas or .js files.


  • To bring up the Wiki page for a keyword, select the word, right click and select "Open Wiki Page".
  • Where possible, hints will appear for objects when you enter the period.
  • Where possible, tips will appear for functions when you enter the open parenthesis. (Note: does not currently work on Mac).

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