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AppStudio programs run within a special version of a web browser. As a result, they can inherit a lot of the properties of the environment they run in. You can access these properties from within your app.

It is not a complete list: there are additional items in the full HTML documentation. In addition, some browsers may have additional members not shown here.

document object members

body The body of the document. Acts as a background.
forms[] Returns an array of all the forms in the program
images[] Returns an array of all the images in the program
title Sets or returns the title of the program
URL Returns the full URL of the program
getElementById() Accesses the first widget with the specified id
getElementsByName() Accesses all widgets with a specified name
getElementsByTagName() Accesses all widgets with a specified tagname
write() Writes HTML expressions or JavaScript code to the output window
writeln() Like write(), but adds a newline character after each statement.