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The EULA property in Project Properties lets you specify a End User License Agreement when your app starts up. If the user agrees to it, LocalStorage.EULA will be True. If not, it will be False.

In your code, you should check this value. If the value is False, you cannot terminate the app, but you can put up a warning message asking the user to restart the app and agree to the EULA before the app can be used. (The reason you cannot terminate the app is that it will break the User Interface Guidelines from the manufacturers. Apple will reject your app. Use the Home button to exit an app.)

To enable the EULA, put your EULA text into the 'EULA' property in Project Properties. The text can be formatted HTML.


To test if the EULA has been agreed to:

if (localStorage[ & "_EULA"] == false) {
  Alert("Please agree to EULA to unlock all features of this app.");
// To change the font size of the text:
window.addEventListener('load', function() {"20px"}, false);

If localStorage[ & "_EULA"] = False Then
  MsgBox "Please agree to EULA to unlock all features of this app."
End If

' No code is needed to display the EULA. 
' If you would like to reset the EULA so it appears next time the app is run, use this code:
' this function shows you how to reset the EULA setting.
Function Button1_onclick()
  localStorage[ & "_EULA"] = False
End Function


(see above)

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