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This control is deprecated in AppStudio 5. Use the Container control instead.

The Generic control is an HTML wrapper which you can use to create your own control or element. Using it will require some knowledge of HTML. Once you have set the options, the result will be a fully functional AppStudio control.

All the usual events are supported.

To add a Generic control to your app, choose the Generic icon in the Toolbar, then position it on the Design Screen. Use the Property Editor to set the properties you need.


Standard properties are supported, plus:

attributes A list of HTML attributes. To prevent jQuery Mobile from styling the element, use data-role=none. Attributes are separated by spaces. Design time.
class List of CSS classes to apply to the element. Class names are separated by spaces. Design time.
content The text to use in between the HTML tags. Can be text or HTML. Design time.
HTMLTag The HTML tag of the control. Common values are div, button, text, ol, etc. For example. if value is 'button', then this HTML will be created: <button>content</button>. Design time.
style A list of style properties, each in the form styleName:value; Example: "height:40px; width:100px".Design time.


Standard events are supported.


Change the color of the text = "red"