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InputBox(prompt[, title[, default]])


InputBox opens a dialog box to prompt a user to input text or click a button. A string is returned containing the contents of the text field from the dialog box. The required parameter, prompt, is a string expression that is displayed in the body of the dialog box. The optional parameter, title, is ignored: it is only for backwards compatibility. The optional parameter, default, is a string expression that is displayed in the text field of the dialog box.

If the user taps OK or presses the Enter key, InputBox returns the text in the input field or an empty string ("") if the input field is empty; if the user taps Cancel or presses the escape key (Esc), InputBox returns “null”.


var Return;
Return = NSB.InputBox("Message area", "", "Default text")
NSB.Print("You entered: " + Return);

Dim Return
Return = InputBox("Message area", "", "Default text")
Print "You entered:", Return



You entered:  Default Text

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