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Welcome to NSB/AppStudio. NSB/AppStudio is designed to be an easy to use WebKit based tool to create web apps. It is a simple yet powerful language that can be used to write programs for almost any application.

There is a file named Readme.htm included with the release which contains late-breaking information about NSB/AppStudio, including updates to the Handbook. Please read it before installing NSB/AppStudio.

If you'd like to get started using NSB/AppStudio right away, then read the Installation section, and then turn to the Getting Started With NSB/AppStudio chapter.

Sample programs are provided with NSB/AppStudio for you to study and use. You can tailor these sample programs to your particular needs. The installer will put these examples in a folder titled "BASIC Samples" in the target installation folder.

You should be somewhat familiar with the basics of operating your target device before you start using this Handbook.

A basic understanding of operating a desktop computer is needed to install the NSB/AppStudio software.

1.1 What is BASIC?

The original version of BASIC was created at Dartmouth in 1964. Since then, hundreds of interpreters and compilers for BASIC have been developed, and a mountain of application code has been written. Many books continue to be published about the language. BASIC Special Interest Groups exist in a number of forms.

BASIC is somehow good for the soul. As new waves of languages come and go, BASIC still runs almost everywhere: without standards, it adapts to new environments easily and keeps pace with the fancy new languages. The ones that come and go.

Everyone, even Bill Gates, started with BASIC. Somehow, we all keep coming home to it over and over again. It's still the best language for quick programs and simple applications. BASIC implementations, especially simple ones, can have great charm.

The computer hardware that BASIC is programmed on has turned full circle since the days it was developed. The powerful language to which only the computer scientists and mainframe programmers had access to can now be run on a hand held device.

1.1.1 NSB/AppStudio

NSB/AppStudio is a real programming language. It implements all the commonly used BASIC statements in a straightforward manner, and has a number of powerful extensions.

NSB Corporation maintains a web page at Use your Web browser to check this site for important announcements, technical information, and sample NSB/AppStudio programs.

1.1.2 NSB/AppStudio and Mobile Devices

When you bought your device, you probably thought that you'd be able to replace many of your paper-and-pencil tasks with it. You probably also hoped it would be able to function as a small programmable computer. NSB/AppStudio has been designed for this purpose. Using it, you'll be able to create the applications you need, in a language that is easy to use.

NSB/AppStudio can also be used for general purpose programming. Any program that can be written in BASIC can be written in NSB/AppStudio. You can create customized databases, perform complex calculations, or even write games. What sets NSB/AppStudio apart is its accessibility. You don't need to learn a complex new language just to take advantage of the powerful features built into your device.

1.2 System Requirements

In order to install NSB/AppStudio you will need a compatible device and a desktop computer running Windows 7 or later. Check the Readme.htm file included with your product for specific information on devices supported and software required.

1.3 Installation

NSB/AppStudio comes with a simple installer which includes all needed components. Check the Readme.htm file included with your product for installation instructions.

You should also pay a visit to our website, where we post the latest news on NSB/AppStudio. Check the Release Notes for updates, the Tech Notes section under the Help menu for the latest info, and our blog for the latest tips.

Our website is

1.3.1 Entering Your Serial Number

Before you will be able to use NSB/AppStudio, you will have to enter your serial number. On your desktop, use Register under the Help menu. Your serial number is sent to you after you order. Check the Readme.htm file for additional information on installation.