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JSON.parse (string[, reviver])


JSON.parse converts a string created by JSON.Stringify into an object. It is useful for interchanging data with other systems and for saving objects to localStorage and databases. string is the string to be converted. reviver is an optional function name that can be used to do some processing of the data while being parsed.

A handy tool to look at JSON strings is located at http://www.jsoneditoronline.org.

Example (Basic)

Rem JSON.parse Example
Dim s = "{""a"": ""this is string a"", ""b"": 99}"
myObject=JSON.parse(s, reviver)
Print "myObject.a:" & myObject.a & " myObject.b:" & myObject.b
Function reviver(key, value)
  If key="a" and TypeName(Value)= "Integer" Then 
    reviver=CStr(value) 'If value is a number, we want to change it to string.
  End If
End Function

Example (JavaScript)

// JSON.parse Example
myObject=JSON && JSON.parse(s, reviver) || $.parseJSON(s, reviver);
NSB.Print("myObject.a:" + myObject.a + " myObject.b:" + myObject.b);

reviver = function(key, value) {
  if(key=="a" && TypeName(Value)== "Integer") {
     return value.toString(); //If value is a number, we want to change it to string.
 } else {
     return value;


myObject.a:12355 myObject.b:4

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