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A Modal control displays a panel of information above your app. It can contain a header, detail or footers. By default, it is hidden, so it cannot be seen in the Design Screen. It needs to opened using its toggle function.

Since it does not display on the Design Screen, it can be difficult to edit. To add a control to a Modal, drag it anywhere onto the Design Screen. Then, in the Project Explorer, cut the new control and paste it into the Modal.

Make it the bottom control in the list of controls in the Project Explorer. That will it will float over the other controls without affecting their placement.

It can also act as a container for child controls.

Keep its width set to 'auto'. Bootstrap will size it properly. Do not set the screenMode of the containing Form to Zoom.

Modal Options

backdrop Includes a modal-backdrop element. true/false/static (for a backdrop which doesn't close the modal on click.)
keyboard Closes the modal when escape key is pressed. Default is true. If set to false, the close X does not appear.
focus Puts the focus on the modal when initialized. Default is true
show Shows the modal when initialized. Default is true

Sample code to modify Modal Options:

  parms = {}
  parms.backdrop = "static"
  parms.keyboard = false = false

Sample code to modify the appearance of a Modal:

  tmp = Modal1_header.innerHTML
  tmp = tmp.substr(0, tmp.indexOf("</h4>") + 5)
  Modal1_header.innerHTML = tmp = "center" = "center" = "center"

Properties and Methods

Standard properties are supported, plus:

badge Adds a Badge to the control. Design Time and Runtime.
footer The text on the bottom. Leave blank for none. HTML is allowed. In Bootstrap 4, aligned right. Design Time and Runtime.
footerAlign Alignment of footer contents. left, center or right. Design time.
header The heading in the control. Leave blank for none. HTML is allowed. Design Time and Runtime.
size Size of Modal control. small, medium or large.
toggle() Show or hide the Modal panel.
value The text in the center of the control. Leave blank for none. HTML is allowed. In Bootstrap 4, text will scroll if needed. Design Time and Runtime.


Standard events are supported.


// JavaScript
Button1.onclick = function() {

' Basic
Function Button1_onclick()
End Function