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Modal Forms are forms which float over the rest of your app. Until the modal form is dismissed, the controls on the form behind it cannot be accessed. AppStudio uses the jQuery Modal library. It is included in AppStudio apps already, so nothing needs to be done to use it.

Any form can be made modal. To make a form modal, a few form properties need to be set:

  modal: True
  screenMode: Actual Size
  left: (value does not matter - form will be centered)
  top: (value does not matter - form will be centered)
  width: (pixels, percentages or 'auto')
  height: (pixels, percentages or 'auto')
  style: padding:5px; (optional - this tightens up the padding around the form)

At runtime, show and hide modal forms like any other form:

Form _onshow() and _onhide functions will be called (if they exist). NSB.currentForm will be set to the modal form.

There are a number of options you can set when opening a modal form. Set these using object syntax: inside {} braces, put key, value pairs. For example, to fade in the modal form over 1 second, do this:{fadeDuration: 1000})

Here are the settings you can use while opening a modal form (values listed below are the defaults):

closeExisting true Close existing modals. Set this to false if you need to stack multiple modal instances.
escapeClose true Allows the user to close the modal by pressing `ESC`
clickClose true Allows the user to close the modal by clicking the overlay
closeText 'Close' Text content for the close <a> tag.
closeClass Add additional class(es) to the close <a> tag.
showClose true Shows a (X) icon/link in the top-right corner
modalClass "modal" CSS class added to the element being displayed in the modal.
spinnerHtml null HTML appended to the default spinner during AJAX requests.
showSpinner true Enable/disable the default spinner during AJAX requests.
fadeDuration null Number of milliseconds the fade transition takes (null means no transition)
fadeDelay 1.0 Point during the overlay's fade-in that the modal begins to fade in (.5 = 50%, 1.5 = 150%, etc.)

The jQuery Mobile Select control requires a higher value for zIndex - set it to 99999.