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This control is part of iWebKit, which has been deprecated.

The MultiInput control is used to input one or more data items in a friendly format.

To add an MultiInput to your app, choose the MultiInput icon in the Toolbar. Use the Property Editor to set the properties. The onclick event can be used to check for clicks.


Standard properties are supported, plus:

fieldType bigfield or smallfield. bigField is as above. smallField reserves the left half for a prompt string – see ‘prompts’ property. Design Time.
getValue(n) Gets the value of item n. Runtime.
inputTypes Specifies what kind of data will be input. Choices are color, email, number, password, range, search, tel, text and url. Comma separated list, with a inputType for each row. Default is text. Optional. Design Time.
inputValues A comma separated list of the initial contents of each row. Optional. Design Time.
placeholders A comma separated list of placeholders for each row. Placeholders are grayed out text to help the operator input. Does not appear for all inputTypes. Optional. Design Time.
prompts A comma separated list of prompts, one per row. Only used if fieldType is smallfield. Optional. Design Time.
refresh() Recalculates the size of the scrolling area after additions or deletions. Design Time.
rows Defines the number of rows of input items. Design Time.
setValue(n,val) Set item n to val. Runtime.


MultiInput supports the standard events.


Function Button1_onclick()
  MsgBox "Value=" & MultiInput1.getValue(1)
End Function
Function Button2_onclick()
  MultiInput1.setValue(1,"This is the new value")
End Function