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AppStudio programs run within a special version of a web browser. As a result, they can inherit a lot of the properties of the environment they run in. You can access these properties from within your app.

It is not a complete list: there are additional items in the full HTML documentation. In addition, some browsers may have additional members not shown here.

Navigator Object Members

onLine Returns true or false if the device is currently on line.
standalone Returns whether the app is running standalone or within a browser. If standalone, there is no browser menu bar at the top. iOS only.
vendor The vendor string for the browser: i.e., Apple, Google.
appCodeName Returns the code name of the browser
appName Returns the name of the browser
appVersion Returns the version information of the browser
language Returns the language the browser is using. ie. 'en-GB'
platform Returns for which platform the browser is compiled
userAgent Returns the user-agent header sent by the browser to the server. Here is a list of codes:
vibrate(x) Vibrate for x milliseconds. Can also be an array for multiple vibrates. Android only.
app.exitApp() Exits the app to the Home screen. Android only.


If InStr(navigator.appVersion,"iPhone OS 7_0") >0 Then 
  Print "iOS7"
  Print "not iOS7"
End If