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This control was added in Bootstrap 4.


Provide navigation links with customizable appearance.

Properties and Methods

Standard properties are supported, plus:

addItem(item, active, disabled) Add an item. active and disabled are true/false. Runtime.
clear() Remove all items. Run Time.
items Items to show, one per line. Prefix * for disabled, > for selected. Design Time.
justified How do the items spread to fit? 'justified' or 'fill'. Design Time.
tabstyle How do the Navs look? Navs is an outline, Pills look like buttons. Design Time.
value Gets/sets the selected item. Starts from 0. Returns -1 if none selected. Run Time.
vertical If set to true, the items will be arranged vertically. Design Time


Standard events are supported. For this control, the onclick event will be most useful.


// JavaScript
Navs1.onclick = function(i) {
  if (typeof i == "object") return;
  NSB.MsgBox("Item clicked: " + Navs1.value);

' Basic
Function Navs1_onclick(i)
  If TypeName(i) = "object" Then Exit Function
  MsgBox "Item clicked: " & Navs1.value
End Function