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ReDim [Preserve] nameA[([subscriptA[, subscriptB[,subscriptC...]]])][, nameB...[, nameC...[...]]]


ReDim is used to reallocate storage space for fixed arrays. The required component, name, is the name of the variable, and it must follow standard variable naming conventions. The optional list of subscript arguments are the dimensions of an array variable, up to 60 comma separated, numeric expressions can be used. The optional keyword, Preserve will preserve data in an existing array, when only the size of the last dimension is changed. The lower bound of an array is always 0.


Rem ReDim Example
'ReDim reallocates array storage
'An empty variable named "Foo"
Dim Foo
'A one-dimensional array with 10 elements
ReDim Foo(9)
'A two-dimensional array with 600 elements
'20 x 30
ReDim Foo(19, 29)

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