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The Slider control allows the input of a range of values between min and max. It can be horizontal or vertical. The result is returned as a string in value..

The iWebKit version is supported starting with iOS 5. The iWebKit version not supported on Android.

To add a control to your app, choose the control’s icon in the Toolbar, then position it on the Design Screen. Use the Property Editor to set the properties you need, then add functions to your code to respond to the events that come from the control: usually, just onclick.


Standard properties are supported, plus:

value The value of the control.
min The minimum value. Integer. Default is 0.
max The maximum value. Integer. Default is 100.
orientation Horizontal or vertical. (iWebKit only)
setValue Set the value of the slider (jQuery Mobile)
step Increment steps between min and max. Integer. Default is 50.


Standard events are supported.


Function Slider1_onchange()
  Text1.value="Slider 1 changed to " & Slider1.value
End Function
Function Slider2_onchange()
  Text1.value="Slider 2 changed to " & Slider2.value
End Function

'Change the color of the background at runtime

'Change the color of the track

'Change the color of the slider


“Slider 2 changed to 2”