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Sql(db, sqlList)


The Sql statement is used to send a transaction (a list of SQL commands) to SQLite. Db is the reference returned by an SQLOpenDataBase function. sqlList is an array of strings containing SQL statements to execute, or an array of arrays. In the case of an array of arrays, each entry should be of the following form:

[sqlStatement, [args,] successCallback, errorCallback]

sqlStatement is a string containing the SQL statement to execute. args is an optional string or array containing substitution values for parameters. successCallback is a function which is called after the statement has finished executing. errorCallback is a function which is called if an error occurred while executing the statement.

For more information, see Using SQLite.


Rem Sql statement sample
sqlList[0]=["Drop Table customerData;",,skipError]
Sql(DB, sqlList)

sqlList[0]=["Create Table customerData('name', 'age', 'sales', PRIMARY KEY('name') );"]
Sql(DB, sqlList)

Function skipError(tx, err)
  Print "Error: " & err.errcode
End Function


(a table is dropped and added)

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