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SQLExport(db[, filename[, function]])


The SQLExport function returns an SQLite database to a JSON object. This object can then be sent to another server using AJAX.

To include your own filename, include it as the second parameter. If nothing is suppled, ‘default’ will be used.

Since it can take some time to do the conversion with large databases, the SQLExport returns immediately and continues to run in the background. When it is complete, function is called in your app.

SQLExport is used by the IDE to convert databases listed in the manifest to JavaScript files which are included in the project.

For more information on SQLite, see Using SQLite.


Function btnSQLExport_onclick()
  NSB.ShowProgress("Exporting database...")
  DBjson=SQLExport(DB, "customer.db", exportComplete)
End Function
Function exportComplete()
  MsgBox JSON.stringify(DBjson)
End Function


(a MsgBox showing the converted data as a string)

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