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This function is for BASIC compatibility. It is not available in pure JavaScript projects.

TimeSerial(hour, minute, second)


TimeSerial returns a time constructed from the given hour, minute, and second. The required parameter, hour, is any numeric expression ranging from 0 to 23. The required parameters, minute and second, can be any numeric expression.

Example (Basic)

Rem TimeSerial Example
'TimeSerial builds a time from its parts
Dim FiveThirty, Noon
FiveThirty = TimeSerial(11 - 6, 30, 0)
Noon = TimeSerial(12, 0, 0)
Print "Half past five:", FiveThirty
Print "Noon:", Noon


Half past five:      05:30:00 AM
Noon:  12:00:00 PM
(sample time output is system dependant)

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