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This control is part of iWebKit, which has been deprecated.

The Titlebar is used to display a title at the top of the screen.

It has the option of having buttons on the left or right hand size. These buttons can be text or images, and can have multiple sections.

To add a button to your app, choose the Titlebar icon in the Toolbar. It will automatically position at the top of the screen. Use the Property Editor to set the properties. Do not give any of your forms the same name as one of your buttons.


Standard properties are supported, plus:

leftButtonName The title of a button on the left. If there is more than one, separate by commas. If the name is home, info, setup, plus, minus, back or forward, a graphic is substituted. Do not use the same name as a form in your project. (Design time)
leftButtonStyle leftnav for a left arrow button,

button for a plain button,

blueleftbutton for a plain blue button. Only leftnav can have multiple styles or names. (Design time)

rightButtonName Similar to leftButtonStyle. (Design time)
rightButtonStyle Similar to leftButtonStyle. (Design time)
title The text of the bar. (Design time)


In addition to the standard events, TitleBar has a modified version of onclick.

onclick(choice) The Name of the button that was clicked is passed to onclick() as a parameter.


Function TitleBar1_onclick(choice)
  MsgBox "choice is " & choice
End Function

Changing the title at runtime

TitleBar1.nextElementSibling.childNodes[3].innerHTML = "new title"

The [3] is not a constant value. It may depend on number of buttons on the titlebar.