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These Tutorials will help you get up to speed with NSB/AppStudio quickly.

If you have an idea for a Tutorial, please let us know. We will be happy to post it, giving you full credit.




Courses and Curricula

AppStudio with JavaScript and Bootstrap

A series of YouTube videos developed by Jackson, a senior lecturer at Buckinghamshire New University and University of Surrey.

Web Apps for Mobile Devices - BASIC

These are the notes for our 4 section course. It assumes the trainees have a programming background. You can follow through the course notes and lab sessions on your own: if you would like on site training please contact us for details.

Making Computer Games - BASIC

Developed by King Edward's School in Bath, England, this course teaches kids how to make computer games.

NSB Application for Mobile

(Arabic) Developed by Tatweer Education Holding Company, the course has been used by over 2 million students in the Middle East.

JavaScript for BASIC Programmers

Want to upgrade your programming and use the full power of JavaScript?