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The Twitter control can be used to add a Twitter “Follow” button to your app, or to display a widget with various Twitter components.

If you set the api property to 'follow', the Twitter icon will appear. Clicking on it will open up Twitter in a browser page.

If you set the api property to 'widget', it will display a widget which you have specified in Twitter Widgets.

No program code needs to be added to use this control. Since it needs to get information from the Twitter servers, it may render more slowly than other controls.

For another way to control Twitter, see


The following properties are supported:

api Which format to display: follow button or a widget.
language Choose from a list of popular languages..
showCount Show the number of members? True or False.
showName Show the Twitter screen name? True or False
size Size of the button. Medium or Large.
user Twitter user name.
widgetID The ID of the widget as set up in Twitter.