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This function is for BASIC compatibility. It is not available in pure JavaScript projects.



VarType returns an integer that indicates the type of a variable. The required parameter, variable, is any variable that doesn't contain a user-defined type.

When variable is an array, the value returned is equal to the array constant plus the constant that specifies the element-type.

Table 25: VarType return values

Constant Value Description
vbEmpty 0 Empty
vbNull 1 Null
vbInteger 2 Integer
vbLong 3 Long
vbSingle 4 Single-precision floating-point
vbDouble 5 Double-precision floating-point
vbCurrency 6 Currency
vbDate 7 Date
vbString 8 String
vbObject 9 Object
vbError 10 Error
vbBoolean 11 Boolean
vbVariant 12 Variant
vbDataObject 13 Data-access Object
vbByte 17 Byte
vbArray 8192 Array

Example (Basic)

Rem VarType Example
'VarType returns variable type as an integer
Dim nInteger, nSingle
nInteger = CInt(44)
Print 44 & " is VarType " & VarType(nInteger)
nSingle = CSNG(99.44)
Print 99.44 & "isVarType" & VarType(nSingle)


44 is VarType 2
99.44 is VarType 4

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