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The Video control is used to play a video. The video has to be in a specific format, best explained in Generally, H.264+AAC+MP4 will work.

To add video to your app, choose the Video icon in the Toolbar, then position it on the Design Screen. Use the Property Editor to set the properties you need. The video may not appear immediately: it needs time to load.

To play a video recorded on an Android device using the MediaCapture plugin, you need to include this in the ContentSecurityPolicy:

img-src android-webview-video-poster:;


Standard properties are supported, plus:

autoplay Video will start playing as soon as ready.
controls Controls will be displayed, such as a Play.
loop Video will start over again when finished.
preload Video should be loaded when the page loads. Ignored if autoplay is present.
src The name of the file. For example, It should be in the project folder or on a web site.


pause() Pause playing the video
play() Start playing the video


// Video Example

PlayButton.onclick = function() {;

Rem Video Example
Function PlayButton_onclick()
End Function


(video plays. Appearance will depend on the device. May take over the full screen.)