Volt Storage Sample

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AppStudio includes a sample demonstrating how VoltServer Storage can be used. Here's a step by step guide for running the sample.

  1. Load VoltServer Storage sample.
  2. Set VoltServer AppId to blank and Dashboard Access to false.
  3. Deploy to VoltServer.
  4. Run it. Before you sign in, you need to set up a user. We'll do this in a later step.
  5. Load the Volt Users sample and deploy to VoltServer.
  6. Under AppID, enter the AppID from the Dashboard. (like pYCvbX)
  7. Enter an Email, Password and Confirm Password, then Add User.
  8. Go back to the Dashboard. Under Action, chose Users.
  9. You should see the user you created there.
  10. Choose 'Storage' for the user. A blank screen will appear "No data to display".
  11. Go back to Storage.
  12. Sign in as the new user you created.
  13. GetAllItems works for both serverStorage and appStorage.
  14. You can use all the serverStorage buttons: they are your data.
  15. In appStorage, you can only get data - you can't change it.
  16. Use serverStorage setItem to set some initial values for your user.
  17. From AppStudio, choose Manage your VoltServer App. This brings up the Dashboard.
  18. In the Actions section, choose Storage.
  19. You can see the entries in AppStorage.