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This function is for BASIC compatibility. It is not available in pure JavaScript projects.

WeekdayName number[, abbreviate[, firstdayofweek]])


WeekdayName returns a string representing the day of week. The required argument, number, is an integer ranging from 1 to 7 that represents the number of the day of the week. The optional argument, abbreviate, is a boolean expression, if abbreviate is TRUE the value returned is the three-letter abbreviation of the weekday name, otherwise the full name is returned by default. The optional parameter firstdayofweek is Sunday, if not specified.

Example (Basic)

Rem WeekdayName Example
'WeekdayName returns string name of day

Dim Day1, Day2
Day1 = 1
Print WeekdayName(Day1)
Day2 = 2
Print WeekdayName(Day2, TRUE, vbMonday)



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