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The windowStyle applies to exe files only, It defines the frame which is created around the app when it is running.

Multiple style settings can be combined using the logical OR operator "|".

Style Description
wx.ICONIZE Display the frame iconized (minimized). Windows only.
wx.CAPTION Puts a caption on the frame. Notice that this flag is required by wx.MINIMIZE_BOX, wx.MAXIMIZE_BOX and wx.CLOSE_BOX on most systems as the corresponding buttons cannot be shown if the window has no title bar at all. I.e. if wx.CAPTION is not specified those styles would be simply ignored.
wx.MINIMIZE_BOX Displays a minimize box on the frame.
wx.MAXIMIZE Displays the frame maximized. Windows and GTK+ only.
wx.MAXIMIZE_BOX Displays a maximize box on the frame. Notice that under wxGTK wx.RESIZE_BORDER must be used as well or this style is ignored.
wx.CLOSE_BOX Displays a close box on the frame.
wx.STAY_ON_TOP Stay on top of all other windows, see also wx.FRAME_FLOAT_ON_PARENT.
wx.SYSTEM_MENU Displays a system menu containing the list of various windows commands in the window title bar. Unlike wx.MINIMIZE_BOX, wx.MAXIMIZE_BOX and wx.CLOSE_BOX styles this style can be used without wx.CAPTION, at least under Windows, and makes the system menu available without showing it on screen in this case. However it is recommended to only use it together with wx.CAPTION for consistent behaviour under all platforms.
wx.RESIZE_BORDER Displays a resizable border around the window.
wx.FRAME_TOOL_WINDOW Causes a frame with a small title bar to be created; the frame does not appear in the taskbar under Windows or GTK+.
wx.FRAME_NO_TASKBAR Creates an otherwise normal frame but it does not appear in the taskbar under Windows or GTK+ (note that it will minimize to the desktop window under Windows which may seem strange to the users and thus it might be better to use this style only without wx.MINIMIZE_BOX style). In wxGTK, the flag is respected only if the window manager supports _NET_WM_STATE_SKIP_TASKBAR hint.
wx.FRAME_FLOAT_ON_PARENT The frame will always be on top of its parent (unlike STAY_ON_TOP). A frame created with this style must have a not None parent.
wx.FRAME_SHAPED Windows with this style are allowed to have their shape changed with the SetShape method.
wx.FRAME_EX_CONTEXTHELP Under Windows, puts a query button on the caption. When pressed, Windows will go into a context-sensitive help mode and wxWidgets will send a wxEVT_HELP event if the user clicked on an application window. Note that this is an extended style and must be set by calling SetExtraStyle before Create is called (two-step construction). You cannot use this style together with wx.MAXIMIZE_BOX or wx.MINIMIZE_BOX, so you should use wx.DEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE ~ (wx.MINIMIZE_BOX (or) wx.MAXIMIZE_BOX) for the frames having this style (the dialogs don’t have a minimize or a maximize box by default)
wx.FRAME_EX_METAL On Mac OS X, frames with this style will be shown with a metallic look. This is an extra style.

The default frame style is for normal, resizable frames:


To create a frame which cannot be resized by user, you may use the following combination of styles: