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The YouTube control lets you embed YouTube videos in your app. All the settings needed to display a video can be set at design time in AppStudio: no additional code needs to be written.

If you do want to change any settings at runtime, you can do so. Use the .refresh() method to redisplay the video with your new settings.

For more information, please see Google's docs.


videoID YouTube Video ID
playlist Comma separated list of video IDs to play.
autoplay Start playing right away?
autohide Autohide controls?
controls Show player controls?
modestbranding Show YouTube logo?
playsinline Fullscreen playback on iOS?
rel Show related videos when done?
ratio Aspect ratio: 16x9 or 4x3
showinfo Show info about the video?
start Second to start at
theme Display theme: dark or light
width Height is calculated from this value.


Events are handled by the control itself.


This code lets the user enter a Video ID at runtime. It also resizes based on screen size.

Sub Main()
End Sub

Function btnRefresh_onclick()
  YouTube1.settings.videoID = txtVideoID.text
  YouTube1.settings.width = Form1.Width-20
End Function


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