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Date on iOS
Time on iOS
Date control on Android Chrome


The Date and DateTime controls allow the input of a date. The result is returned as a string in value.

When the control is selected at runtime, a special date picker is displayed.

It is supported starting with iOS 5 and Android 4. Not supported in IE11 or Firefox.

To add a control to your app, choose the control’s icon in the Toolbar, then position it on the Design Screen. Use the Property Editor to set the properties you need, then add functions to your code to respond to the events that come from the control: usually, just onclick.


Standard properties are supported, plus

max The latest date in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
min The earliest date in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
value The date value of the control. To set at runtime:
  Date1.value = "2014-05-23"
  DateTime1.value = "2014-05-23T14:03"
  Month1.value = "2014-05"
  Time1.value = "14:03"


Standard events are supported.


// Date Example - set to current date on start

Form1.onshow = function() {
  var dt = new Date();
  var dd = '0'+dt.getDate().toString();
  dd = dd.substr(dd.length-2,2);
  var mm = '0'+(dt.getMonth()+1).toString();
  mm = mm.substr(mm.length-2,2);
  var yyyy = dt.getYear()+1900;
  var Today = yyyy + '-' + mm + '-' + dd;
  Date1.value = FormatDateTime (Today)

// Get the date (month, day, year)
Calendar1.onclick = function() {
    var iDayOfMonth;
    var iMonth;
    var iYear;

    iDayOfMonth = $("#Calendar1").jqxCalendar("getDate").getDate();
    iMonth = $("#Calendar1").jqxCalendar("getDate").getMonth() + 1;
    iYear = $("#Calendar1").jqxCalendar("getDate").getFullYear();

    TextBoxMonth.value = iMonth;
    TextBoxDay.value = iDayOfMonth;
    TextBoxYear.value = iYear;

ButtonSetDate.onclick = function() {
    $("#Calendar1").jqxCalendar("setDate", new Date());

Rem Date Example - set to current date on start
Function Form1_onshow()
  Date1.value = FormatDateTime(Date, "yyyy-mm-dd")
  DateTime1.value = FormatDateTime(Date,"yyyy-mm-dd") & "T" & FormatDateTime(Now,vbShortTime)
End Function

Rem Get the date (month, day, year)
Function Calendar1_onclick()
   Dim iDayOfMonth 
   Dim iMonth
   Dim iYear
   iDayOfMonth = $("#Calendar1").jqxCalendar("getDate").getDate()
   iMonth = $("#Calendar1").jqxCalendar("getDate").getMonth() + 1  
   iYear = $("#Calendar1").jqxCalendar("getDate").getFullYear()
   TextBoxMonth.value = iMonth
   TextBoxDay.value = iDayOfMonth
   TextBoxYear.value = iYear  
 End Function

 Function ButtonSetDate_onclick()
     $("#Calendar1").jqxCalendar("setDate", new Date())
 End Function


(value is set to "2011-10-12" for Date)
(value is set to "2011-11-12T13:59:17.011" for DateTime)

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