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What is VoltServer?

VoltServer is a platform to electrify your web apps! It provides simple hosting and extended services for your web and mobile apps via an easy to use interface to deploy your apps, and custom names using full HTTPS on a fast, stable platform.

Extended services currently include user management and server storage. We would like to offer a steady stream of additional services, and would like to hear from you about what services would make your experience using VoltServer better! Let us know what you're interested in!

How safe is my data?

The safety of your data is top priority to us! Your data is backed up by a reliable and redundant on-site solution, and hard drive failures are tolerated by utilizing RAID across many drives.

Additionally, VoltServer is built on industry standard technology - updates and security advisories are installed on a continuous basis.

What does it cost to use?

There is no initial cost to use VoltServer. Several tiered service plans will be available depending on your needs, but we expect there will always be a free plan.

Can I host my apps on it?

Yes. When you deploy your app to VoltServer, we take care of the rest. No worries about security certificates, MIME type configuration, updating servers or maintaining the server stack.

I used to host my web app on Dropbox. Can I use VoltServer instead?

Yes, VoltServer is designed to be the optimal server for web apps.

Dropbox announced that on Oct 3, 2016, they will no longer allow content to display in-browser. Acting as a web server isn’t what they wanted to do.

Can I run PHP on VoltServer?

We are moving away from the use of PHP because it can be tricky, especially for new users, and it's a chore to set up and maintain. VoltServer is designed to have many of the same features you get using PHP, but in a vastly easier-to-use environment!

I need a custom service. Can I talk to you about it?

Yes. Drop us a line at support@nsbasic.com. If we think your idea might be useful to other users (and you don’t mind), we’ll even give you a break on the dev costs!

VoltServer calls my app https://mygreatapp.volt.live. Can I use my own URL?

You may use a URL of your choice (like https://mygreatapp.com), so long as you control the domain. It's called a Custom Domain.

While some setup is needed to use this service, the result will be that your apps will look like they originate from your website, but are actually served by VoltServer.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do with VoltServer?

Nearly any legal use is acceptable. You can learn more from our terms of service.

Who can use it?

Initially, just AppStudio users. However, you can contact us to request early access if you're not an AppStudio user. Note that the service is just launching and we're still likely to make changes to it.

How do I sign up for VoltServer?

VoltServer is free with your subscription to AppStudio 6 or later. By subscribing you’ll receive continual updates to AppStudio, plus access to VoltServer Essential - our new cloud services platform built from the ground up to work with AppStudio.

If you are using a demo of AppStudio, you are able to sign up at our Starter level for free by clicking on the “Run” menu and choosing “Sign-up/Sign-in to VoltServer”.

Why has AppStudio switched to subscription billing?

In order to continue providing you with the innovative, high quality product you are used to, AppStudio has transitioned to a subscription billing. This transition will not only allow us to continue making AppStudio more useful to you, but also allow us to provide tight integration with a cloud service provider built from the ground up for AppStudio - namely VoltServer.

Can I use VoltServer with AppStudio 5?

No. AppStudio 5 does not have the interfaces required.

Does it cost extra to use VoltServer?

If you purchase a subscription to AppStudio, then VoltServer is free for the duration of your subscription. We highly suggest purchasing a subscription to get the most out of AppStudio and VoltServer.

A limited version of VoltServer for free with the AppStudio demo.

When I try to reset my password I get a message "Unauthorized". What do I do?

Account activation expires after an hour. Fortunately, getting a new link is easy:

  1. Navigate to [1](https://dashboard.voltcloud.io/)
  2. Click on “Forgot your password?”
  3. Enter in the email address you registered with.
  4. A new email should arrive shortly.