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You can now specify your own custom Domain Name for your Volt app. Your app can have a friendly URL such as

or even

instead of the name Volt assigns it. You'll need a Volt subscription to do this.

Notice the "https"? It even takes care of making sure there is a certificate in place, so your site is secure. The app is still served from the Volt server, so all the files and MIME types are in the right place.

Here's how to set this up.

Set up your DNS service

This will differ depending on who you are using for DNS. Add this to the domain you want to use in the URL: "" in the above example.

You will need to set up an 'A' (for 'Apex') record if you want the domain to point directly to your app. Example: The numerical IP address to use (if needed) is

Otherwise, you will need to set up a CNAME record if you have a subdomain pointing to your app. Example:

Here's how it looks on EasyDNS, the DNS provider we use:


This specifies the hostname will be, which points to The following period (".") is important.

It will look different on your DNS provider. If you have difficulties figuring out what to do, check with your provider. It usually takes a few minutes for the change to update through the web.

Tell the Dashboard about the new Domain

Use the Domain button in the Actions section of App page in the Dashboard:


Select the Add Domain button. It will add a line to the list of Domains. Enter the name you set in to the CNAME record:


The Dashboard will take care of the rest

You can now type "" (or whatever you defined) and your app will open. Your users won't notice you are running on Volt.

Appendix: Screen shots from other DNS Providers

These screen shots will give you some idea of how you need to set up your DNS settings. Have setting from your own provider? Send them along. We will add them to this document!

GoDaddy with an A domain

It is fastest to start from the menu that one gets when one clicks in the upper right corner on one's account name. -- John


GoDaddy with a CNAME domain

Put the name of your app on Volt into the Points to field. -- Jon