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A lightweight, flexible component that can optionally extend the entire viewport to showcase key content on your site. It has a header, optional value and optional button.

It can also act as a container for child controls.

Properties and Methods

Standard properties are supported, plus:

appearance Appearance of the button. Can be success, info, warning, danger.
badge Adds a Badge to the button.
buttonValue The text of the button. If blank, there is no button.
ChangeForm The form to change to if the button is clicked.
fullWidth Should control be full width of screen?
header The main text. Can be HTML.
icon An icon to display on the control.
position How will children be positioned? Absolute, fixed, relative or static.
size Large, medium, small or xsmall.
value The sub text. Leave blank for none. Can be HTML.


Standard events are supported.


// JavaScript
Jumbotron1.onclick = function() {
    NSB.MsgBox("You clicked Learn More!");

' Basic
Function Jumbotron1_onclick()
  MsgBox "You clicked Learn More!"
End Function