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The Deploy Bar is used run your app, with a selected setting.

  • Start in Desktop Browser will run your app, usually in Chrome, on your desktop.
  • Deploy to server will deploy the app to AppStudio's dedicated test server.
  • Deploy to FTP server will deploy the app to a server you set up in Preferences.
  • Deploy to a local server will deploy to a folder you specify in Preferences.
  • Build Native App with PhoneGap transfers your app to the PhoneGap Build service, which will return a native app.
  • Build Desktop App packages the app so it can be submitted to Google to make a Chrome Packaged App.

Here is the screen that is displayed after a successful deployment to the server:


  • Use the QR code with a utility on your device to quickly load your app.
  • Click on the link to open the app in your local browser
  • See all the apps you have deployed to the server
  • Click on the icon next to the path to copy the URL

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