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Normal view:

Normal view of Hamburger

Expanded view:

Expanded view of Hamburger


Hamburger is a context dropdown, usually placed in the top right corner of a form. It usually contains commands and option settings for the user. Its name come from its appearance - a top and a bottom with a filling in the middle. It is virtually identical to the Dropdown (Bootstrap) control - it works the same way, but has different defaults.

When the control is created, selection is set to undefined.

Two onclick events happen when a Hamburger is clicked. When the control is initially clicked, an event is sent. When the user makes a selection, onclick is called again with the text of the selection.

To put a Hamburger on the left, set style to float:left; and align:left;

Popovers and Tooltips are supported.

When running on FireFox or IE, sometimes the Hamburger will disappear after being tapped. Add this to your onclick handler to bring it back:

setTimeout(" = 'block'", 100)

Properties and Methods

Standard properties are supported, plus:

addItem(item, type) Adds an item to the end. type can be "checked", "disabled" or 'divider'. Runtime.
appearance Appearance of the alert. Can be success, info, warning, danger.
badge Adds a Badge to the control. Design Time and Runtime.
clear() Clears all items. Runtime.
enable([index,]bool) Enables and disables items. Index can be an item or an array of items. If no index supplied, all items are affected. Bool is true or false. Runtime only.
icon An optional icon to appear at the top of the list. Design Time and Runtime.
items Items to show, one per line. Prefix * for disabled, > for selected, ! for heading (not all controls support headings). Design Time.
length Current number of items. Runtime.
selection Get the value of the selection (after an item is selected). Runtime.


Standard events are supported. For this control, the onclick event will be most useful.


// JavaScript
Hamburger1.onclick = function(s) {
    if (typeof(s) == "object") {
    if (s === "Sign Out") {
    if (s === "Change Password") {
        // todo
    if (s === "Change Email") {
        // todo
    if (s === "Delete Account") {
        // todo

' Basic
Function Hamburger1_onclick(s)
    If typeof(s) == "object" Then return

    If s ="Sign Out" Then
    ElseIf s = "Change Password" Then
        ' todo
    ElseIf s = "Change Email" Then
        ' todo
    ElseIf s = "Delete Account" Then
        ' todo
    End If
End Function