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Join(stringarray[, delimiter])


Join returns a string that is created by concatenating a list of strings with an optional delimit character. The required argument, stringarray, is a one-dimensional array of strings. The optional argument, delimiter, is a string expression whose first character is used to separate the strings joined from stringarray; if no string is provided a space character (" ") is used by default. To concantenate with no delimiters, use an empty space ("") as the delimiter.

Example (Basic)

Rem Join Example
'Join concatenates strings
Dim Words, Letters
Words = Array("Hello", "World")
Letters = Array("D", "a", "l", "l", "a","s")
Print Join(Words) & "!"
Print Join(Letters, "_")

Example (JavaScript)

// Join Example
/* Join concatenates strings */

var Words, Letters;
Words = new Array("Hello", "World");
Letters = new Array("D", "a", "l", "l", "a","s");
NSB.Print(Words.join(" ")+"!");


Hello World!

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