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This function is for BASIC compatibility. It is not available in pure JavaScript projects.

Split(string[, delimiter[, count[, compare]]])


Split returns a one-dimensional array of strings of a specified length, created by dividing a single string where a specified delimiter occurs. The required parameter, string, is a valid string expression; if string is a zero-length string (""), a single-element array containing the entire expression string is returned. The optional argument, delimiter, is a string expression whose first character is used to separate the substrings; if not specified, delimiter defaults to a space character; if delimiter is a zero-length string (""), a single-element array containing the entire string is returned. The optional parameter, count, is a numeric expression that specifies the number of substrings to return; if count is not provided -1 is used as a default specifying that all substrings be returned. The optional parameter, compare, is used to specify the type of search performed.

Table: Comparison constants

Constant Value Description
vbBinaryCompare 0 Binary comparison case sensitive (default)
vbTextCompare 1 Textual comparison, case insensitive

Example (Basic)

Rem Split Example
'Split divides a string into substrings
Dim List, Who, All, TopTwo
List = "Eric,Kenny,Kyle,Stan"
Who = Split(List, ",")
Print Who(0), Who(1), Who(2), Who(3)
All = "First Second Third Fourth Fifth"
TopTwo = Split(All, " ")
Print TopTwo(0), TopTwo(1)


Eric          Kenny  Kyle          Stan
First  Second

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