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The jqxComboBox control contains a list of selectable items displayed in a drop-down. Users can enter information in the text box portion and search for a specific item. The widget comes with built-in auto-complete support. It performs exceptionally well with thousands of items and supports keyboard navigation and rich list items visualization.

This control is well documented on the jqWidget's website: http://www.jqwidgets.com/jquery-widgets-documentation/.

jqWidgets is a commercial product, which depending on how you use it, requires a license fee. Complete details are on jqWidget's website. The product is well supported.


//Get the current selection
ComboBox3.onselect = function(event) {
    i = event.args.index;
    NSB.MsgBox(i + " " + $("#ComboBox3").jqxComboBox('getItem', i ).label);

'Get the current selection
Function ComboBox3_onselect(event)
  i = event.args.index
  MsgBox i & " " & $("#ComboBox3").jqxComboBox("getItem", i).label
End Function