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jqWidgets is platform independent, cross-browser compatible framework which works on PC and mobile devices.

It is a commercial product, which depending on how you use it, requires a license fee. Complete details are here. The product is well supported.

Complete documentation is at

Using jqWidgets

The jqWidgets samples use jqWidgets files directly from their website. This may not be best for you, since they can change these files at any time. A better way to use jqWidget's library is to download the files from jqWidgets, then copy the jqwidgets folder from it into your project folder.

Then, in the Project Properties of each jqWidgets control you use, change the value of 'pathTo_jqWidgets' to 'jqwidgets/'. Deploy will then use your copy of the files, not the ones on jqWidget's website. You will have control of when the files get updated.